1996 Pontiac Grand Am Questions

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My lights come on but it dont click or anything i shake my key into the ignition and it would cranck up been doing this almost 2 years today it will not start fire coming from it i had got a boost still nothing pleas help...
Need answer ASAP
Was leaking and getting hot.
wired to stay on,but it keeps opver heating.when it does coolent starts pouring out.
My check engine light is on and I finally determined is was the O2 sensor. (O2 fuse keeps blowing. Engine light goes off every time I replace it and pops back up when the fuse blows again) I called auto zone to get a quote on the price of the part and they informed me there are two in my vehicle, an upstream and a downstream. Which one is more common to go out in my car? (if I was informed wrong or my information is incorrect, please steer me in the right direction.)
I have change fuel pump fuel tank relay sencors injector spark plugs ignition coils and brain box don't no what else to change to get this car up and running
iv changed the vacuum modulator, tps sensor, tranny fluid and filter but still nothing what could be going on?
passenger side door locked on its own awhile back.once in awhile it'll unlock and i can open it.2 weeks ago driver side door locked up on its own.key or no key,either way it's locked shut.It's manual,not electrical.bad motor? cold weather frozen it solid? company malfunction and recall?

we cant drive it now.we cant even get INSIDE it.
When driving the car does good until I reach 55 mph, then it starts to hesitate. If I push on the accelerator it will stop and the car speeds up, but at anytime I am around 55 or even 65 mph it will hesitate until I push down on the gas pedal and get past that point.
My check engine light is not illuminating I failed Asm emission test but can't find the problem.No problems with vehicle rides smoothly.
my power windoes dont work or my heater or my driving lights and the rear defogger stays on all the time
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