1995 Pontiac Grand Am Questions

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i have a leak coming from the back by the firewall lower.
i need to change the transmission sensor on my car but i need to know where it is my mechanic wont tell me
The cable that is runing from the gear shifter to the dash board is pulled out. Where exactly do i reinstall it at?
I parked my grand am and when i tried to put it into drive it would not go into gear. The tires just lock up.any ideas what it might be
Car won't turn left or right
i had a few blow fuses (i jus bought the car) so i replaced n solved a few minor elec issues, one rainy day my wipers started goin crazy wouldnt shut off so i pulled the fuze n next time it rained put it back in, then it didnt rain for a min n whn i went to put the fuze back in now NOTHIN no dang wipers, my not to mention my defroster vents dont blow air only my reg vents n not heat luke warm is all i get, a car full of elec. problems n luke warm heat ughhhhh plzzz helpp
the power locks jus stopped working for the 2 front doors mine has a manual lock so i can still get in n out but the passengers does not maybe it waas a replaced door?? anyhow how in the world do i unlock n open that door.. (i dont have the key or id jus unkock it) also the window is stuck an inch down all 3 doors have water inside them and the other 2 windows arent down seals all look fine
How much time is involved
Brake Lights and Turn Signals went out at the same time, but the Fuses are fine. With Full lights on, brakes still do not respond and neither work. I have also had the issues with both front windows not working half the time...Where does it end?
Problem - Both front wheels went outward directions????
Every time I start the car when it is cold it surges and sometimes dies. The check engine light does not come on. When the engine is warm it doesn't cause a problem. Only when it is cold. I can start it let it warm up for about 10 minutes and it will be fine. I will drive it, make a couple of stops at the store, come home and if it sits and gets cold it will cause the problems again. My husband has replaced a couple of sensors but it seems to be getting worse. I am ready to junk it because if I drive it when it is cold it will die in the middle of traffic. It will chug and die. Please help. It's a very good car otherwise.
The car is hard to start when it cold or cools down...the motor cranks and cranks and is hard to start...when the car starts and is drivin it will start just fine! I have a fuel pump problem?...Thanks in advance!
I was driving up the road and my car just stalled out and a few dash lights came on. I can start the car back up and it will stay running but as soon as I put it into reverse it shuts right off. I can put my car into drive and it will run , it will only stall in drive a few times, but it runs usually well. When I'm driving my car seems to be running fine but in reverse it turns right off. Also when it turns off my car gets really hot and the hot engine light comes on untill i turn the car off. Before this happened my car was running fine.
I have a leaking lower manifold gasket. The vehicle has 63000 miles on it. What should be the cost to:
Replace the gasket,
Replace the serpentine belt,
Replace the coolant and radiator hoses,
Replace spark plugs and wires ?
i have no headlights or power door locks and no radio all at once this happened i have checked everything i could think of
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