1995 Pontiac Grand Am Questions

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Battery, starter and alltinator is good.
When I sprayed ether in intake still not start
Not getting fire
I just bought this car a week or so ago. Sometimes the heater fan works fine, other times not. It's not one or two speeds only working, it either works on all speeds or none at all. I just don't want to throw parts at this thing. Thanks!
smelling gas fouls plugs replace them runs fine then back to the same again.I've changed coils and cap still on going problem.And no codes it ran for a month fine then it started all over again.Can injectors be the problem? leaking when turned off.
Midashas told me my brake lines, pads, rotors, shoes, drums and calibers need replacing. They said it will run $1500.00 dollars. I also have leak somewhere where the rain comes in and floods my rugs. Can anyone advise on where to get at least the brake job done cheaper? I cannot afford a car now and I would hate to junk/sell this one.
Thank you for any help from anyone, by the way I live near Whippany New Jersey.
I cannot seem to find the location of the ICM!
car runs down the road till temp starts getting up to temperature and then shuts down and takes a while to restart.
It does run a little ruff slightly.
no signs of vaccum leaks. head redone 1000mi. ago. fresh gas, good fuel pressure.pulled oxy sensor& ran. (bad convertor?) it runs the same.pulled p/b booster line &plugged no change...runs rough but will whats wrong?
My Grand Am GT is leaking on the passenger side only, and if it's really wet, the rear seat floor on the drivers side gets a little damp. I don't know where the leak is coming from, but my best guess is either a vapor barrier issue on one of the doors, or a body drain (weeper tube?) clog in the front of the car. The car only gets wet when it rains, so it is not the heater core/AC, and to further prove that, it is confirmed to be water that accumulates on the floor, not heater core fluid.

I'm putting a new motor in, the assist spring came off the spindle, and I don't know what position to put it in
i have power steering fluid going on my driver side floor boards it leaking pretty bad.. and when phoned a mechanic he was shocked as it the driver side floor board. any clue why its leaking inside or where iits coming from.
after several tries it slod down and wouldnt make any sounds
the problem happens when the car gets hot
I may get two to three one-way trips and then it has to "rest" for awhile before it will start again. If it does start it will just misfire until it dies and I have to leave it on the street. I sat in my car for 2 hours the other night until it would finally start. Does anyone know what the problem might be?
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