1994 Pontiac Grand Am Questions

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ive replaced all sensors, vacuum hoses,cleaned throttle body,replaced all plugs and wires and replaced fuel filter also just took fuel rail off and cleaned injectors but car still losses power going up hills and car idles a little rough at start whats the issues
can't find the trunklight . where is it
trunklight in a 1994 grandam .where is it
I just baught the car,drove it home ,parked it ,cleaned it up,put a little talc in it ,then decided to drive around the block shifted to drive ,but rolled forward almost to a stop on its on like it would in park and wouldn't pull ,3rd ..cant feel a shift into gear,then 2nd gear works fine,along with park,reverse,and neutral...could it just be the linkage ,or shift cables ?
I just drove the car almost 40 miles ...transmission acted fine ,then second day after sitting still...i go to shift into drive ,you could feel drive go into hear ,but rolls forward ,then almost to a stop on its on like it went into park.3rd doesn't feel a gear ,but will take off in 2nd gear...i just simply didn't try to drive it down the street ,to manually try and see if it would shift..i parked it I need to know ,what should I do ?
My car over heated and I needed to replace a hose and rediator. when I pick up the car my A/C and cruise control was not working also my fan motor sames to not blow as fast... thank you for looking
Just replaced plugs and coil pak.and noticed the crack in the housing.
it is stalling and hunting , I had the codes read and replaced the mass air and the cam shaft sensor, fuel filter .it is still not right
I just bought this car and the blinker lights would come on, but not blink. Replaced the turn signal flasher, and now the blinkers "blink", but when I put the turn signal switch in the "off" position, the hazard lights come on. Also, when the hazard lights come on, they pull power through the turn signal flasher. But when I turn the hazard switch to the "on" position, the hazards continue to work, but not through the turn signal flasher. My guess would be the turn/hazard switch needs replaced, but would like some others' opinions. Thanks.
plastic trim removed top and bottom, need to remove cylinder to replace.
warning signs that is not a good deal
My headlight chime is not working when I leave my headlights on and I would like to fix it, but can't find it. It's not behind my glove box as I was told.
Just noticed that I have had to add oil more frequently this car has very low mileage considering its age. so I am wondering if the head gasket is going?
thinking about getting this car
the car will crank but wont turn over.I was driveing down the road & it just stopped running.When it was running after the part was put on it was cutting out.If its not the ignition modular switch then what could it be?
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