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check engine light on
my daughters car has check engine light and traction control keeps turning off, and display says engine power reduced. ive had codes ran and say catalyst converter. so i pulled it off and checked and cleaned it. even put it back on and left rest of exhaust off and it seemed to be fine but she says it only gets sluggish acceleration when it cold, any ideas?
Where is the high port and low port
How long have you had this problem? 2 days
After driving my vehicle for a while it won't restart. I have to let it rest for a few hours and then it will start again. The battery and alternator are fine, and I have replaced the starter and relay. It doesn't crank. I hear one click and nothing. Brake and TC lights on.
What seems to make the problem better or worse? Heat
How long have you had this problem? A few months
I have a 2009 Pontiac G6 that has had issues with the low beam headlights going out frequently...both sides. I have replaced the bulbs multiple times and have even replaced the light sockets and I still have headlight issues.

Does anyone know of a solution for this?

Thank you.
When I disconnect and reconnect battery check eng. light goes off....can I do this to pass smog ???
Changed the passenger side CV joint and checked oil level and still making noise and I can wiggle the CV joint at transmission and it moves alot
When I checked the fluid it was empty. So I filled it. But, my trans just doesn't seem to be acting right. Any thoughts
My dash makes it seem like it's okay for 10,000 miles, but I've always been taught to change it every 3,000.
It only happens after I let off the brakes. It sounds like it's on my rear driver's side and it's a thump that goes at a pace similar to my tires rotating.
It burns out every 6 months. Only my passenger side.
There was no lights prior to the brake repair and I saw no sensors. Does anyone know how to reset the ABS and service the TC light.
My husband has has to replace the wiring harness once on the driver side and twice on the passenger side because it keeps getting so hot that it burn and melts the wiring harness. Has anybody else has this problem, or know of a recall for the problem?
Last replacement was barely a week and a half ago. Shorted out again last night
Is my engine locked
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