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Well when I open my trunk manually and press the pop trunk button I here a clicking near the fuze box in the truck. And sun roof does nothing when I push the button to open or close it not even a sound
My top got stuck the part i need they no longer make
can i change it?
How long have you had this problem? 2 weeks
How long have you had this problem? 2 weeks
My PCM shorted out on my 2008 pontiac G 6 after installing a new PCM and turned it on it took care of the error message and stuff like that but it still want start help
Come on but car won't start
Wont drive in fear of break-in down. They should take responsibility for problem and fix it!!
My check engine light is on I hooked code reader up to it and it gave me code p044 what does this mean how do I fix it
What does p044 mean how do I fix the problem
fuel odor coming from rear
when i start my car in the morning its fine however after driving it and when ignition is off i could smell gas/fuel from the back seats. Is my fuel tank leaking and not visiable? I have a 4 month old baby and concern for her.
I was just checking my oil and water and I thought I might need a little more antifreeze so I added a little bit more now I have no heat automobile is not running hot this happen back in the summer with air overfill and had no air is there a place where I can drain off the excess antifreeze
Just started,we had quite a bit a snow recently
When the ignition is turned on everything comes on but the engine will not turn over. we recently replaced the grounding cable and battery. Now the car only starts once we disconnect the grounding cable and then reattaching it.
It drops to 10 when I try to start the car. Would it effect the starter?
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