2007 Pontiac G6 Questions

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No lights or noises are coming on

I have a 2007 Pontiac G6 when I try to turn it over it won't turn over but I have power and when I have it in the on position and cross the starter cylinoid it starts right up and when I turn it off I'll have to do the same thing over and over again what could be the problem
Top wouldn’t go up
I had a new catalytic converter put on & a couple weeks later its LOUD. Found he only put one bolt in to mount converter to engine. Need bolt size to buy to repair properly. Autozone has 6 "universal" kits. Don't know what to do.
Just coolant info
He said u can't replace one without replacing the other is that true
Crankshaft sensor... Pedal sensor I have changed all light still on car still shuts off feels like motor jumping my RPM won't move someone please help
Do I need to bleed the rear brakes when changing the pads.
doing a oil pan gaskit got all the way to where i need to pull the oil pan off but the transmishon in my way and the pan wont drop down
Should I be checking somthing else first
We took off the part to find out that the wire colors are not matching. We need a picture of how the colors go and order of wires.
i was sitting in a parking lot and my car stalled and would not restart. I have been told i need an engine because when the timing chain broke it caused engine damage
Already replace the relays and fuses and switch
A recall for the brake cable had been completed well, about a year ago, since then I have noticed a front end rattle..kind of sounds as if you had a screw with a washer ....but the connection is loose so it rattles....something like that..i cannot figure out where the hell it's coming from...I just a few days ago had a complete full service brake it isn't in the brakes.......i'm so annoyed with the consistent sound...
Mainly just occurs when I am shifting
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