2006 Pontiac G6 Questions

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We have replace bulbs 3 times on each side
Could it be a blown fuse or a sensor?
Windshield wipers only work sometimes..tried changing the motor, the switch and relays!!
What seems to make the problem better or worse? N/A
How long have you had this problem? Since May
Timing belt came off. Wondering if I should expect major engine damage.
it's a lot of fluids in floorboards
I believe it's a transmission problem
My a/c was working fine but all of a sudden stopped. I went and had refrigerant put in my car and it took almost the whole can.
It seems as though the fuel filter i's clogged?
trying to determine if the G6 motor will stop running if the oil gets to low, like some kind of a protective system, fail safe etc.?
Had oil change done 2 months ago, notice oil on my alternator and all over the right side (passenger side) of my engine, looks like the belt is slinging it. What are the possible causes? The driver side looks great.
Recently ran over and ice block, damaged the radiator. Had the radiator replaced the thermostat as well. Drove car home from shop, it wont start now. Dash lights, radio headlights etc. all work but car wont start. Checked fuses none seem to be burnt.
What does it mean when I put my car in gear and I push the gas pedal on my gas pedal does nothing and my reduced engine power light keeps coming on
Making noise
power steering doesnt work sometimes unless you turn wheel at start
Steering is hard to turn at low speeds or when parking. Think its the torque sensor for steering.
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