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Had my car tested at auto zone and it said it wasn't firing on number 2 piston so I put new plug an new coil pack an still doing same thing took off the plug wire an it is firing but still codes as not firing misses worse when idle an at slow speeds an rattle
When driving down a slightly bumpy road, I hear a thumping noise.
My car started shaking when driving and not want to accelerate a few months ago. It felt like the whole front end was falling out from under the car. It would drive fine one day and then the next you couldn't drive it without breaking you teeth from the shaking. Now when you put the car in drive it does not move unless you give it gas. We have replaced the axle, hub assembly, and caliper on the passenger side. After caliper replacement, we drove the car and when we returned because it was still shaking the brakes were smoking and hot. The brake pads aren't new, but still have a lot of pad on them. When one side of the car is jacked up the tire will not rotate. Does anyone know what else could be the problem?
please let me know if I need a transmission or can I buy the center driveshaft support bearing to fix the grinding

What seems to make the problem better or worse? the grinding is all the time
How long have you had this problem? about 3 weeks
Car has been sitting for a three months found water in floor and water stains along the passenger side of window by sunroof I fixed that so it drains but my blower motor would turn on and I made it go on at lvl4 fan and smoke blew right out the vents I look under and there water in the blower motor . I'm not sure how or why it got there I've had the sunroof tapped up since the lasts two rain storms to make sure. I rain got in that way . I'm not sure how the blower motor got so much water in it .
Drove car today and noticed it was steaming out of the hood area when shut off the engine. I discovered it was low on coolant and don't have leak and no ideas as to what it causing it to steam
horn sounds when open then door to get in
The passenger side of my Pontiac 6g 2005 door is smashed in from hitting a deer. It will not open from the outside (only from the inside) it also tore the mirror off. I just wanted an estimated price. Thanks in advance.
Got transmission cable fixed on the recall then next day car won't start took it back now they saying it's the starter.the car act like it wants to start but codes came up
I have a 2005 pontiac G6 that had been leaking oil for some time and the burning oil smell would go into the cat if I have the AC on. and lately the car would start a rattling sound coming from the engine bay. It would only make the noise at idle or low speed below 20mph. However I can't pin point what it may be.
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