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The RPM and fuel level On my 2009 Pontiac G go up and down for a minute and then works normally. Again a few minutes later it starts fluctuating again. The engine works normally during that time. I also realized the signal light was also deal when the RPM and fuel level gauge were bouncing. Any advice?
bank 1 erased check engine light but comes right back!
Well i buy a tachometer and i dont know where i have to connect the principal wire. The wire that say me the rpm. I connect the others wires but i dont know where i have to connect that one. Help!!
No power even to the panic box?
My left front speaker will play for a day or so then not work for a few days then work for 20 minutes ,all the other speakers are fine ,and also when it goes out the turn signals don't make the clicking sound ,but when speaker works the turn signals do make the clicking sound,, can anyone please help,this is driving me crazy
What is the average
Coolant temp? I have noticed mine runs between 185-217. Is this within normal range?
I have already changed the air filter
My engine is acting funny but I'm not getting an error code or check engine light. I put my foot on the gas and it revs to 4 RPM before coming down back to 2 RPM.
Had a diagnostic ran and it talks about cam shafts as well as timing belt.
I noticed a smell coming from my car this winter. I traced the smell to wet carpet on the passenger side floor. Fast forward 7 months to summer. I notice the smell again. Again my passenger side carpet is soaked. Any ideas what it could be?
my blinker won't stay on I have to hold it up just for it to keep blinking... I have taken it apart and reversed both metal pieces and it didnt work.. its mainly my right blinker but both blinkers do this..note I have to apply a good amount of pressure to the stick for it to keep blinking..but as soon as I let off it stops..the stick stays up normally tho.. any help would be awesome!
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