2008 Pontiac G5 Questions

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my speedometer light is off. I know with all the other cars I have owned I just needed to replace the bulbs. The shop says they can't just replace the bulbs but have to replace the whole cluster. Is this true?
Why does it sound like my lifters are tapping when car gets hot then cooling mode comes on
I had taken it to Dobbs and they replaced thermostat and compressor still same symptoms. I have always noticed a wack smell coming from the vents. But I can't keep wasting money. What is the problem?
I was driving the other night and when i put my car in park my engine light came on. I used a obd2 scanner to find out it was a p0121 throttle code. Is this something that will cause me to fail emissions considering the engine light is on
It was working great one minute then all the sudden it won't accelerate
I have already cleaned out the air filter taking it for a long ride but I'm also wondering if it could be the relay switch for the air flow pump or the powertrain because the car seems to be running fine it just will not pass emissions
My head light fixture is busted, so I don't want to take it off, but my blinker is not workering an the bulb is busted how can I change the bulb with out removing the headlight fixture
There is a knocking sound in my 2008 G5. Diagnostic code recommended changing the knocker sensor. Knocker sensor replaced. Knocking sound remains.
When driving it sounds like im stuck in 2nd gear/overdrive. Icant locate an overdrive button if there is one. Now ck engine light is on.
The right front turn signal and the remote started will not work all the time. Where do I begin to look?
My fan will not kick on....even when my car gets to 205 degrees. I have replaced fuses...and nothing! Please help. I was told that it could be a relay switch or a sensor to the fan. I do not know where this is located...can anyone tell me where to find this?
car wont shut off but key in ignition is there a recall just bought car from a dealer that is run by Pontiac oleary only 5 days ago not happy
Approx time frame to switch out an a new one in how long should it take
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