2007 Pontiac G5 Questions

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My ac works perfectly but the heat in my G5 won't work
What seems to make the problem better or worse? Nothing makes it worse

What seems to make the problem better or worse? N/a
How long have you had this problem? Just started, it was working fine yesterday
It will crank but want crank was running before replacing rotor caliper and brakes on driverside
The temp readout gauge works intermittently. When no reading appears, I show the same codes. Unfortunately when I have no reading and it appears as ---F, my A/C compressor will not function either. It's very hot in Phoenix. What else can I check? I am desperate.
I've replaced the bulb twice so I know it isn't that, the diagrams for both fuse boxes don't identify which fuse is for the turn signal or blinkers. The bulb actually won't turn on at all so I'm guessing it's a blown fuse, just need help identifying where the fuse is located on either fuse box
I ran over a rock and cracked the oil pan. I replaced it with a new one. The next day drove the vehicle on a 55 mph road and was no problems. I then got on the free way and drove at 75. No problems thenstarted going on a incline and the vehicle started to hesitate. A few seconds later smoke was coming from the engine. So i coasted it and and parked. I waited a few minutes for the engine to cool down and looked under the hood there was oil leaking. I checked the dipstick and was empty. A few hours later i filled up the oil again and it kicjed over but started to sputter and the oil that was put in completely leaked out. Suggestions.
My friend recently helped me install an after market double din. He rewired everything for it to work. Now, my a/c is only blowing cold air when driving, coolant temp goes way up when on idle over 115 degrees F, my halo and LEDs on my headlights wont turn off even after the engine is off, it alarms by itself.
It also has a fuel injecter that needs replaced also told this could indicate a computer issue.
Car seems to run fine and owner said engine just turned on a few days ago. He is fixing the injectors and says this is not a big deal. Need a reliable car for my son. Anyone agree with the owner?
I have a g5 Pontiac that's a 5 speed. So I always use my e-brake. When I got in it this morning the passenger side was locked up.
Blower motor was replaced a year ago when it started doing this but this is the first time I noticed the wiring getting extremely hot any ideas. This happens 6 to 8 times a day while driving
It sounds like it's misfiring. It sounds like ca'tst. Ca'tst Ca'tst. It keeps going if i keep the key turned.
My coolant temp readout reads -----. Don't seem to hear the a/c clutch kick in when I switch on the a/c
It has happen three times so far, I would put my key and the key will not turn, I jiggle it, play with transmission shifter. After trying this a few times the will turn and engine turns over. ????
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