2002 Pontiac Firebird Questions

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My lights are power windows are working and radio...upon trying to start will not make a sound! What could be wrong?
Every other day I have to wait for security light to go out to start car what do I do
i was trying to start car with battery charger and now i can get any electric power .did i blow a fuse
My passenger light goes down when I turn the lights on.
No power 2 obd2 plug
I am relatively new to this. I bought this car last october. When I got it, and since I have had it, it has had white smoke coming out of the exhaust. I drove it like that for 8 months. I finally got another car, so I decided to try and do the head gaskets. The car was running fine before I started the job, other that a little white smoke when idling. I parked it in our side yard, since the garage is full. At the time, I didnt realize I would need to get under the car to do this job. I started taking apart the engine, making my way down to the head gaskets. I took out the radiator so that I could sit in the engine bay while I worked. I got the entire intake manifold off, top and bottom, and everything attached to it. I started taking off the valve covers. I got one off, but the other one had a stripped bolt, so I couldn't get it off. I decided to come back to it and went ahead and disconnected the headers from the heads. Then I realized I would have to get completely under the car to completely remove the headers from the car. With those two big problems, I realized I wouldnt be able to finish the job where the car sat. So I started putting everything back together. I replaced the lower intake manifold gasket and the plenum gasket, as well as the little one on the throttle body. I got everything back together, and I filled the radiator with distilled water because I dont have any money for coolant right now. I went to start it, and it didnt crank the first time, which I expected. I let the fuel pump run for a few seconds, then I tried again. It slowly, barely shuddered to life and big clouds of white smoke started coming from the engine bay and the exhaust. I shut it off after like 5 seconds of the smoke and shuddering. I have no idea why this happened. It didnt happen before I parked it. Did I put it back together wrong? Or what?
I flushed the radiator and used bluedevil head gasket sealer. After turning off the engine there was a leak coming from or near my water pump, is it possible my water pump went during the flush and treatment process? If not what might be seen other diagnosis?
With the rear lights turned on, vehicle off, I am reading a voltage of 20vdc. I expected it to be 12vdc. Now I am not sure.
the top was going down at the time. I turned off the ignition and the smoke stopped. I restarted after a short time and returned to the garage with the top in mid travel.
Lost power while driving. Changed cam shaft sensor crank shaft sensor ignition module
My 02 pontiac trans am ws6 LS1 was damaged by fire a few years ago and I've paid the price trying to find books,manuals,and such trying to hookup all the hoses that completely burned away. I've spent nearly 5 grand in replacing everything and I'm asking everyone I can on how to route the lines and wires. If you can help I would truely appreciate it. Thank you so much for your consideration. Rick Brandon
Reduced power light is on
Took it to a repair shop and they said I need new lifters and a couple of the rocker arms are broken. Also in my radiator is sludge and clear water. I keep this car serviced. What happened? The repair shop says the entire engine must come out to get to the lifters?
Help! Can this be right? 2K?
Had to replace water pump and now hear a thumping noise and car don't want to stay running? Whats going on? Please help.
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