2001 Pontiac Firebird Questions

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I have a 2001 Firebird Formula and just recently the headlights will cycle when I lock or unlock the car. I also hear a loud motor noise in the right headlight which I would assume is the motor going out. I understand the motor issue and how to replace it. But, with all the firebirds I've owned, I've never seen the headlights cycle up and down when you lock or unlock the car.
Replaced plugs , plug wires and coil pack on light is still on Run good just idles a little rough What else can I try to fix the problem ?
What else can I try ?
Should I check you check if the engine can turn over manually first, siphon the gas, change the battery and see if it runs. I will add and change the other things right after I just want to know what to do first before I do anything wrong.
when radio goes off the power widows don't work either.
someone took center console out and it started doing this
After i installed an aftermarket radio, my speedometer gauges stopped working. The next day my front parking lights stopped working. i checked all the fuses/relays and all seems right.
Has a new battery and new alternator and the catalyst and oxygen sensor heater monitors aren't ready
While I driving the windows and radio quit working can't put the top up and now the power seat and the alarm system is going wacko. the seat will not go forward or back but the rest of the position work and you open the car door or the trunk and the stupid horn starts going off. This car has had more problems than Christine. No wonder they quit making the trans ams ..
I just changed rack and pinion assembly and the first couple days everything was perfect.. And just recently I've got a lot of play in steering wheel. Was told to tighten gearbox but not sure where it's located.
This car is gonna be the death of me.
Any suggestions on a cheap fix for this issue?
I am going to flush it tomorrow but I know this will only be a temp fix. This could cause serious issues if not taken care of asap.
I am assuming that my temp gage not working has contribbuted to this.
What is your true opinion on these 2001 firebirds?
It worked when I bought the car then quit. Replaced the ig coil and it worked for awhile but now only works when it wants to. Seems like when I turn on the a/c it will work and quit again a few days later.
I had my brakes serviced and replaced 3 months ago so unless I was scammed, it should be something else. The noises and the 'feel' of the grinding are getting more prominent. This started 3 days ago. There was/is no squealing. The car does not pull to the side. It feels like it's coming from the front mostly
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