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Turns over, sounds mostly normal, maybe a little slower than normal, but not much. Lights on dash light up. Fuel pump comes on when turning key on. Have replaced ignition and fuel pump this year due to VATS . Steering column kinda gets outta alignment and i have to hold it certain way to get ignition cylinder to turn.
Light goes off if the car is turned off for a few hours or overnight.
does not knock at idle just when acellurated
My drivers side window just all of a sudden stopped working one day and every time I tried to use it, there would be this loud grinding sound and it wouldn't move at all. The passenger side moves very slowly and often times gets stuck. I don't know if I need new motors on both or what.

Thank you
its a little loose but it just wont come out all the way
could something be blocking the vents? are there fuses that should be checked? is there a motor that controls vents? no air comes out dash vents on any setting.
there are no visible leaks.
It does it when cruising at any speed
My car want keep up the speed limit you have to hold gas all the way to the floor to get it to go. It don't want to shift gears.
The codes are P0151, P0131, P0137, and P0300. I find it unlikely that 3 o2 sensors would go out all at once. I am looking in to replacing all the plugs and wires to see if that fixes the problems. Is there anything else that would be recommended?
car has rough idle not much power if on hill once at 40mph runs fine
when this happens no fuel to engine
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