1999 Pontiac Firebird Questions

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I have a 99 Firebird 3.8 base model series 2 motor and it surges at 40 50 miles an hour and I don't no how to fix it
Hi I got a 99 and it doesn't seem like all the power is there its a v6, when I get on the gas is sputters and boggs kinda, there is a little knock in the motor. Any suggestions what I can do to get the power back in the v6. And how hard would it be to change from fuel injection to carbarated
They operate fine in back but not in front. As best as I can tell they do not light up or blink.
Can i hotwire the fuel injectors or install a inline fuel pump.
its worst the 1st start of day, hard to start, cuts out/dies when I push on the gas til its been ran a while and the fuel fuse blows when I get down to about a quarter of a tank
Tried replacement but those doors were just as bad
Just did a head gasket job all new wires and plugs.and replaced coil packs and new fuel filter and checked fuel pressure and all is good and to spec and cleaned the maf sensor..changed num 3 and num 2 sparkplug and now its reading misfire num 1..we need help with this one..we are stumped.
sometimes comes back on when i restart,
the alternator voltage drops from 14V. to 12V. It takes about 2 minutes for it to start charging again .I have a new alternator & a new battery.What can be causing this problem.
and now that the oil has been changed the gauge reeds realy high like it may be about to blow the engiene any thoghts to what to check for im going to check the oil and make sure it isnt over full.
I need a tune up and probably a fuel injector
it has been doing it for about 3 weeks it is my wifes car she has to swipe her card to get into work she will roll the window down and then the radio goes off and she cant roll them back up. I have put my scanner on it and there are no error codes when it works and when it doesnt. some times its been off for 3 days other times they come back on in a few hrs. she has been driving and not useing the radio or windows and look down and the radio lights will be out and she checks the windows and they are out too. I was able to make it do it by rolling the passenger side window all the way down and then holding the button down a few secs more
I hope you can help me with this thanks
Where are the knock sensors located?
My service engine soon light is on. they checked the codes and it is coming up p1401.
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