1998 Pontiac Firebird Questions

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3800 V6 automatic
Car starts missing sometimes and then sometimes it runs smoothly. Also sometimes I can hear a ticking sound while throttling up and even at idol.
I have a '98 Firebird with T-tops. Whenever it rains i get a puddle in the hatch/trunk area, but not up front where the seats are. is this the t-tops leaking or the hatch seal? also my taillights have cracks in them and get water inside the lens as well.
when came out of store wouldn't start and coun=ldn't get it restarted for 10 hrs. now runs but is idling high also the radio has recently stopped working. has new battery
Had been running, turned off one day then next day tried to start, starter did engage(turn) but the solenoid did not advance the gear to engage the flywheel. Pulled starter and had the entire assembly checked, came out OK. Changed the starter relay, still same problem. Battery is only 3Mo old and fully charged.
When sitting at a stop sign or red light and the car is in gear, it has a bad vibration. You can shift into nuetral and it stops.....
we had it put on machine and code p1404 showed up please help us with what code is thanks
I just got the egr valve changed, also one of the ignition coils. Drove about 15 miles then it started to over heat and smoke really bad like it had no coolant in radiator, then I began to smell a burning smell like oil was burning from some where. Smoke was coming from around the throttle area and from near heads on each side of engine. WHAT IS GOING ON? HELP!!!!
and goes again after cool down
warm up it doesnt go .it makes a loud roar
how does the filler neck come out of fuel tank
The car starts intermittenly and now the security light comes on intermittenly too. Already changed the battery, starter and relays. Could it be a bad body control module?
Change the battery, starter & relay already. It still has problems starting intermit. Now the secuity light comes on. Could this be the bcm? Help
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