1996 Pontiac Firebird Questions

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Stock street use, good investment or a waste of money? thanks, Mike
Replace the o2 sensor cleared the codes drove 100 miles still nothing on the drive cycle. After cleared shows everything fine but nothing on the drive cycle. Will it still pass Smog?
I was told later that this 3.73 posi-track 3rd member has 7 splines and my original 3.23 had 11 splines.
It has obviously affected the speedometer. Has that also affected the transmission?
My transmission is a 4L60-E with a street/strip torque convertor.
I really like the lower to mid range increased acceleration, but I sure do miss the higher speed without the overdrive. Any suggestions? Other than that everything mechanical on the car works great and no check engine lights. I just had it inspected yesterday.
Checked the fans with fuse wire both ran connected to the battery. Replaced temputure sensor and 3 relays. Temputure is at 245 degrees not turning on please help what did I forget?
have oil in my radiator , but the engine oil is clean. does not over heat, engine in not missing, runs fine but need to put water in the radiator every day. no visible water leaks. no smoke out the exhaust. anyone have a clue? has automatic trans and Radiator IS equipped with an internal transmission fluid cooler
Sometimes it stalls.Runs good on roadDoes not show any codes at all.Can someone help.Thank you.
It has happened 2 times about 2 or 3 months apart
it's located on the center console
start" What is that button for and what does it do?
I have a 1996 Firebird with 3800 SeriesII, no add ons. I have an extreme chatter, almost a rattle/ticking under the left bank valve cover. I've tried the oil additives to avoid opening up the top end.No help. Any advise?
I recently bought a 96 Firebird with great engine but front end problems.
My local mechanic did not find anything unusual except a poorly maintained vehicle and recommended struts, which I had him install. A few days later I started the car, put it in reverse but rather than motion there was just a sickening hard metal clunk from the right front. Upon inspection, the strut was hanging there and the wheel was separated from the axel, the chasis was resting on the tire.
Used JB weld to fix the hairline fracture in manifold missed a part so it blew out but trying again today. Pretty sure its got a burnt valve. Looking either for a quick fix to keep or a way to get rid of it. Spent 15 on the car itself and got almost 5 in it now
I noticed backfiring after easing off the gas.
convertible windows leak in the rain, and in the car wash.
How can I fix it.
Running along fine then clutch went out,checked fluid,none.I filed it up and pushed clutch pedal fluid came out bottom looks like from bell houseing
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