1994 Pontiac Firebird Questions

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Car ran fine decided to do tune up plugs wires oil air filter after that car still ran great then noticed coolant leak behind timing cover so tore down to fix noticed timing can stretched so replaced put back together noticed at wot it acted like starving for fuel couple days later driving Down the road I notice tach starts to jump and then car start to miss real bad then backfire threw exhaust an dies got to start back up but on runs if lite on pedal hard acceleration backfire and pops past 3000 rpms any help with this is greatly appreciated
When I push my clutch in it pushes my crankshaft forward won't let me change gears wont disengage clutch what might I need to do engine rebuild bearings?
Firebird 1994 3.4 V6
car has a miss off start.
i think its the rocker arm but told that they arent adjustable in 3.4 ltr v6 gm motor in 1995. what is it and what could i do
I had replaced the plugs, wires, did oil change, new battery, air filter, oil filter. It winds the starter but will not fire! Anyone know if this is because of it not getting fuel or? It ran before I parked it, just had a dead battery and just now decided to work on it :/
I've cleaned the IAC and the air intake what else could be causing the problem
Repair, or replace. Whichever is cheaper.
I'll be asking a few more questions all about this car if you have the time, please help me and answer them, thank you
I purchased the car used two years ago and I am just fixing what I can when I can.
I've tried to jump my A & B connectors to get my car to flash it's diagnostic codes but that doesn't work on my 1994 Pontiac Firebird 3.4 V6. I've also read and have been told that the 1994 Firebird with the 12 pin ALDL isn't made to flash codes. I'm sure when GM made these cars they also made (or at least licensed) some way to retrieve the diagnostic codes. I REALLY want to find one of those original code readers but can't even start out looking until I know what they were called back then. I found a (new/in original box) Equus Model 3123 GM Code Reader and it says on the package that it only works on Firebirds up to 1993. Is it the GM Equus Code Reader 1.6..? Thanks
i'm look on what type of tool i need to do this job
and how or see how to do this
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