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I had the air conditioning unit professionally replaced the whole entire system ever since the engine will not properly Idol especially when the AC is on sometimes the throttle is real jerky the diagnostic system and check engine light says that there is a wiring issue I already clean the throttle body change the fuel filter did a full tune up and still did not fix the problem what should I do next?
I was driving the car for 3 weeks now.. I went to get in it yesterday and I had soon as I turned the key I lost all power.. But the voltage from the battery is reading 12.7 I need help correcting my problem... Thanks
After driving for a while it eventually starts to idle normal
after sitting a while the car starts up and i can drive until it happends again
the dealer put one in my car and it is still running rich and stalling and is loud. rpm gauge has also quit working. I was told years ago that after market parts are not compatable with this car because it has a 3.1 and they did not make very many of them. Is this true? Dealer is now guessing at problem and I know it is the distributor. I have been only owner of this car. I know my car. The people working on car a very young and now they keep guessing at things and my bill keeps getting higher. They replaced ekg valve and still no difference. Your help will be greatly appreciated. Ann
manual transmission
How many hours of labor is this estimate for?
the rod knocks after i drive it for a waile
My Heater is not blowing out hot only cold no matter what selection is made on the controls mix,a/c,def,etc. I've checked the radiator fluid it's full, checked hoses they are hot, there's no radiator fluid smell nor is there any kind of fluid in the passenger compartment floor board. The temp gauge when car is not started, sits at 0 and when the car gets to running temp goes to about 180 to 200 like it should. Not sure why it's not blowing out hot. We've had some pretty cold temps here in Montana and wind chills could it be that it's just so dang cold that it can't get my heater working correctly?
from the junk yard i found 2.8 parts is that ok?
i just placed a new ignition module in and i can't find out what the code needs to be to match the switch?
i have a 1992 pontiac firebird with the 3.1 v6
i have already changed the throttle position sensor but the
idle drops when the car reaches reg temprature.
what else can i do
I replaced the throttle position sensor but when engine
gets to reg temp. the idle drops to 4 or 500 r's
i have anit freeze going into my oil. i figured head gaskets replaced them and had the heads flux and plained they were fine put it all back together and it is still doing it. i was wondering if there is a freeze plug behind the timming chain cover that could be the problem. im putting a new motor in it but im hoping to salvage the old one thanks
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