1990 Pontiac Firebird Questions

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Where the nut and antenna meet. There is not adequate tightness.

The left turn signal does not cancel back to neutral after turning the wheel on my 1980 Firebird. I had a mechanic take the steeling wheel off and replace the turn signal switch. It worked a few times and now it stopped working. The lever does click twice trying to cancel but does not. I have to manually do it myself to shut it off. The right turn signal works fine and cancels back with no issues. The turn signal lever itself was "stiff" when depressed and he fixed that as well. I had people tell me that the cancel cam could be the issue but he insisted it was fine. Thanks for your help!
My fuel pump is good and a pressure of 42 and has a brand new fuel filter. Could it be that it needs to be tuned up, the distributor cap, or the fuel injectors?
Slow down to turn quits sits for a few minutes starts back
no compression on any cyl the car ran fine before i had them redone its a 3.1 engine do you think the valve lash is the problem? they put all new valves in and did a check on them so thats why i hope its the valve lash problem what do you think
when i hook the light tester up to the positive and then the positive cable it still lights up, any wires on the starter i touch they light up. what could it be?
1989 pontiac firebird formula cost to convert from auto to manual tranny?
whiney noise. its an 86 2.8 ltr. bought as a fixer upper. not sure where to go from here has spark? and fuel? hard for me to tell because of the initial problem.
Car sat for 7 years. already replaced coil,module,pickup,fuel pump and filter,cap and button, checked all fuses and fusable links,tps. shows good on the vantage with no flat spots or dropouts. I'm sure I'm missing something simple. ooh it will run if u pour gas on the filter until its gone.
i need to know if my distributor is cracked would it make my car misfire and blow black smoke and loose of power
the timing is right and the firng order is right a guy that worked on it said he thinks it has something to do with the distributer cap
This is the first time this has happened.
car was running but rough tested coil and was bad replace replaced pole piece and module also ecm after testing with snap on scan tool mt 2500 and tested
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