2002 Pontiac Bonneville Questions

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it feels like the transmission is bucking
aren't the output numbers on a MAF sensor supposed to change? mine are always 307.17 g/h.
the sensor is new . I also get error codes from p0101 to p0103.
iv'e cleaned it a few times, cleared codes and shortly after i'll get 1 of the 3 error codes back
is my MAF sensor bad?
car runs fine , then starts acting like out of gas. then this happens the short term fuel trim is at 0.0%the timing advance drops and fuel sys goes to open loop?
replaced maf sensor ,cleaned several times. don't see any vacume leaks. the canister in front left side under the hood makes alot of suction noise. can that canister be causing engine to stall or stop running? and error code p0103?
when you turn on key the fuel pump should run for a couple seconds then stop.
mine doesn't always stop . fuel pump is new. I got it because my last fuel pump did the same thing.
could it be that I got 2 new bad fuel pumps in a row? or is something telling it to bypass and it is just recirculating in tank?
not leaking fuel that I can see
car will run fine then acts like running out of gas, sometimes you can keep going sometimes no .when no it will try to start but as soon as it fires it dies. pump gas pedal fast and might keep it running for a little longer. let sit overnight and started like normal.
Have replaced fuel pump, fuel pressure sensor , purge valve , filter , maf , map , throttle , cam , crank , air intake (sensors) egr valve . sometimes the fuel pump just keeps running.
Could the pcm or ecm be the problem?
I replaced the air compressor on a 2000 Pontiac Bonneville SLE with a bypass pulley. Now I can't change the directions on the blower. My console is all push-button. So I push "mode" to change the directions and nothing hapoens. I get heat blowing from the center but not at the floor or the windshield.
I have a 2002 Pontiac Bonneville and both rear windows have just dropped. I can hear the motors working and the mechanisms are still going up and down but the windows are no longer attached. Is there a simple fix to this or do I need to prepare to spend a lot of money?
Front wheel drive . I replaced the brake pads. And now tires are not spinning freely
I have a 2002 Pontiac Pontiac Bonneville SLE and it is the year and engine of the panic Mandeville that was recalled for the fuel issue and I was wondering if this car is also included on that recall as I am having the same issues as they described
Trying to fix air blowing on floor only. I have looked and do not see how to access the mode door actuator. To be honest I just want the air to blow out the cabin vents, so if I could just use a wrench or something to make that work I don't care about the other vents or actually replacing it, just making the vents in the cabin work. Thanks!
one by one my power window's are failing. I replaced the driver side only. now the passenger window, which is not working keeps falling down as if nothing is holding it up and i would like to take the panel off to at least keep it up but i am concerned i wont be able to get it back on. any info is greatly needed.
I had a fuel fire letting a bum work on my vehicle.. I replaced everything the computer decoder said that was wrong from wiring harness to the alternator. My car is receiving power to everything but I am having a no crack no start in the ignition. A friebd of my got under my car with a screw driver an tapped at the starter or something an the car was turning over but would not stay running. Not sure what the problem is but really want to get this car fixed.I noticed the fuel lines are leaking alittle still If this could be a issue. Ease give me some kinda insite before I junk this car. It was in excellent running condition an I invested at least 2000 dollars into this vehicle getting it in the best running condition an it all fell apart because the person used a rubber line instead of the threaded line on the last 2 ft of fuel line from the the steel fuel line to the motor where the plastic sensor clips onto the top of the motor
Hard shifting
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