2001 Pontiac Bonneville Questions

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I read my manuel and the parking brake has been release but the light stays on
Someone told me that the drivers side door module needs to be replaced and he said it was going to cost six hundred dollars does that sound right?
interior lights and sunroof do not work either. happened all at once parked car came back a week later locks, interior lights, sunroof seem to have no power
Ive tried everything turniing the key on fo 10 minutes to reset,lock the doors with remote and unlocking with key,tried tieing cables together for reset and security light still flashes and car wontstill wont start
It only happened once in a while now it is more frequent
Sometimes it will turn over and not give me any trouble for a month then it acts like the key doesnt work when I turn it to on. We have had a new starter put on it. That wasnt the problem
it's faster when I lEt off the gas.. almost sounds like something rUbbing metal to metal. could it be rod bearings? Has my idol Off and I die at stop signs
I have a 2001 Pontiac Bonneville that is making a clattering noise when I accelerate. The car doesnt go past 50 and then it gradually slows down and then cuts completely off. The car will not start again until it is cooled off. The car is shaking really bad and I smell something like a rotten egg. The car is choking and the air is like pulsating from the tailpipe. Smoke is coming from under the hood even when the car is cool. I start the car and white smoke is coming from under the hood somewhere. Does this mean the engine is bad? The car was overheating, but it could be the thermostat. I also heard about the intake manifold going bad on the 3.8 engine. Any advice is greatly appreciated....Thanks
replaced maf sensor when car started too stumble on running rpm gauge going up and down then car too off fast and smoothed out, now service engine soon light comes on again and obd 2 code says po171
I have hot air coming out of the drivers side air vents and cold air on the other side
the compressor has been checked, car is full of freon, may be temperature control module or temperature mode door actuators. need help determining which one.
brock one off it was cheaper to change both instead of finding one and paniting it so i just got both and change colors
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