2001 Pontiac Bonneville Questions

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Early today my car was over heating then oil light can over and check gagers light come on as well.... so now my system monitor light is on what should I do.... my car is a 2001 Pontiac Bonneville
thats all i know i dont know much about cars
We have cleaned the injectors, fuel filter and flushed the lines the fuel pressure is 35psi
How long have you had this problem? 2weeks
I fixed the couilpacks and the Cadillac converter the car is still acting up it acts like it dont want to go it shakes really bad when i put in in reverse and in drive when i come to a complete stop it dont want to go. I think the boxs the coil packs sit on is the problem but im not sure
Car is not running hot at all idle is a little rough and sounds like I have like an air rumbling sound coming from my engine
My service engine light comes on and flashes rapidly, then the motor starts missing then motor quits , I put a diagnostic tester on it and it shows mutable sensor failure. did this ten times and it was never the same sensors showing up ,everything is random. I'm out of ideas .
problem as theres no sign of tranny problems. help, I need my car
My heat and air barely work. The only time they do work is when I'm going more then 40 mph, and then they still don't blow enough to heat the whole car.
once I slow down to make a turn, whats the problem
Mass air fault came up rr new ran worse got another new ran bad also put old back in and drives fine except shuts down at stops any thoughts cause code keeps saying mass air flow sensor
I was leaving for work this morning and the power to the car just quit. the engine is running but when i press the gass pedal rpm goes up but nothing. been outside testing it the transmission fluid is fine and oil. the engine is running normally no sounds except basic engine noises, however when i put it into gear it sounds like the engine is trying to stall out, I watch the battery volt meter go back and forth and not sure what could be causing it. again when in park or neutral the engine runs fine but when i put it into gear it sounds like it trying to quit.
I drained out and replaces all rear lights and don't know what to try next...
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