2000 Pontiac Bonneville Questions

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car runs fine but when i press deeply on the gas peddle it chokes

Just changed axle and now the car doesn't move and grinds going in park

I have a Pontiac Bonneville 2000 supercharged water pump went out so I have to replace it do I have to remote the motor to replace it

transmission making a whinning sound

All actuators work, all vents blow just fine, ac is fully charged.. when I shut the air off for a second as it quits blowing the air gets cold. When the system is shut off, I can frequently hear what sound like a door or Actuator still moving but just a fraction of an inch and back. I've watched it but when turn the system on it moves fine. I don't think that has anything to do with it unless the door is stuck I guess. So hard to explain.

All lines on old fuel pump are unhooked. But the retainer ring is rusted and I cant get it to budge to lift old pump out. Any suggestions?

it started out only shifting hard after a longer drive but does it most of the time now

The check engine light is flashing while going down the road. Stops when car is stop and running. Car got a miss.

It's hard to put in gear

It's hard to put in grar

I replaced the mass air flow sensor and engine stopped stalling but now the engine shuts down during driving for long distance, restarts but shuts off again. I had to hit the gas quickly to keep the car running otherwise it shuts off with RPM needle jumps up and down till engine stops running ..Any ideas how to fix that?

I have changed a I keep getting Evap reading.what sensor is causing my gas mileage to go under 7 miles to the gallon?

last week i filled my car up on friday went about 30 miles then all of a sudden car died then when i restarted it it wouldnt stay running in order for it to run i have to hold my gas pedal down. It drives fine as long as i give it gas but dies once i take my foot off gas. Help plz