1998 Pontiac Bonneville Questions

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After turning on the ac or driving and slowing down and sometimes even when going down the road it will just die.
Just got 2 used tires put on not sure which side but now the car vibrates or shakes between 20-30mph and the steering is really off
There is coolant leaking on the floor, as well as coolant smell in the vehicle
I hear aloud vacuum noise coming from the engine on start up and it doesn't want to idle; after you hold it at a high idle it will stop making the noise, it will then idle rough or idle high; I have replaced the idle air control,the throttle positioning sensor and the throttle body gasket, can you think of anything else I can check.
What seems to make the problem better or worse? It doesn't it every time I start it
How long have you had this problem? Months
Cables kept falling off while driving and I thought that causes alternator problems but replaced cables to reach for top post ? ( backwards) after that new battery then jump nothing but guys said starter smoked a little( starter was sticking before that) I'm now hum jumper cables reversed? Resistors in bypass to strong (bypassed cheap car without key) NOT STOLEN 98 Bonneville for Christ's sake. Now resistors redone by someone else he said wrong resistance but I'm thinking how when it Wouldn't have bypassed vats for new ignition in first place of it was but I read it can be a certain % below or above and still work? So of it was say 19% higher then actual resistance would that effect charging system drain battery and screw up either alternator starter relay solenoid maybe regulator (if there is one ) so no key to measure chip guy lost the resistors that started car in first place and. Says he's got new one hooked up but never shows to finish it and says he can start it but has to use something and never said what ( screwdriver to solenoid???) and hasn't been back where can i start please daughter needs car pregnant has three year old and can't make it to the Dr. And I'm out of resources as far as mechanic and you guys are so informative I'm going to do it myself. (can't afford no show mechanics anymore)
After bypass couldn't get lights to go off when starting and starter would stick. So I figured it would go out (starter) but a few things happened it died but cables weren't staying on the battery (side post) someone tried to alter it to make am stay on made it worse. After it died someone else put. Cables that would reach top post on (only had top post battery) not a real smart fellow anyway. But good guy tried because pregnet daughter with my three y old gradson stranded. Then no charge call me I go jump it and another concerned person helps out with connecting cables as I start it nothing and I m not sure but something alarmed me and got out he said a little smoke came from starter. So I thought jumpercables wrong or the actual terminal cables mixed up???? But then maybe resistors a little to high?? Cause lights not going out prior??? So now another person whom I've paid few times worked on it and said starter I thought well replace be good?? Nope he cut resistors out lost am man I'm not a genius but I had someone else measure and install them cause he couldn't now back to one again I'm kinda broke pissed and stuck. Cause what's resistance? How do I know even trying all fifteen cause the starter ?solenoid? Altenator? Relay? Resistors? And I don't know where to begin but I'm trying to do it myself cause I've had bad experience s (boyfriend tried to surprise me with oil change 2015 subaru and drained tranny fluid instead fifteen $ quart cvt hundreds $ later still fucked up and on and on. Please help. Where do I start again did mention no key right
Drive to store and car wouldn't start jumped start and smoke from startervand nothing not even crank
The vats system was by passed. And charging system was up down. To start the starter was sticking the battery wouldn't start car got a jump and smoke came from starter but the car never turned over like no power at all someone said solenoid but I was thinking the resisters were messes up ( from bypass vats)
Cold Engine surges at 1000- 2000 rpm and has rough idle till about 20 min., then it idles and runs normal. I unplugged the MAF sensor and the engine smoothed out and ran normal. Replaced MAF sensor with remanufactured MAF sensor ( not A/C Delco ) and the engine runs perfect. However, if I stop the car a few minutes and restart the warm engine, it surges badly, then stalls.Pretty much undriveable.
Im pretty sure I have a bad cv joint the car clicks when I first take off stop or turn corners
changed fuel pump and filter same problem
I have tried removing the Glove Box but all I find is a large bracket that when the bolts are removed will not come out.
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