1997 Pontiac Bonneville Questions

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My bonneville starts to get a little too hot when it's idling (like sitting at a light or something) but once I start driving the temperature goes back down. what gives??? can anybody help me on this? drive perfectly fine besides that. just want to get it fixed.
Very older vehicle. Where can i go to get the decent price, and good work and trustworthy. Hammond, IN
We took the grill off hoping to use a screw driver and pop the hood, but I can't find the right place to work
It won't start only turns over also water pump started leaking earlier same day what do you think.

Loud, stinks and cuts off while running
I have coolant leaking in the floor.
the call blow hot air all the time even when the a\c is on i think the acuator is bad how do i get to it and change it
Getting spark, fuel pump relay clicking, can't hear fuel pump pressurizing when key is turned on. Theft lock light is on but radio works. Don't have keyless entry. Did changing battery cause security problem or is myfuel pump dead?
where are the doors under the dash?
I added some coolant but it never reached the desired temp on the gauge. It hardly registered at all. After a few minutes of very little improvement, I stopped, fearing that something else may be the problem and I didn't want to make things worse. It did cool better than what it was, which was poorly. The next day, it was 90 degrees and was still cooling at an average capacity. I'm hopeing for a quick fix to get me through the summer because I plan on getting a different car next year. Thanks
i was told to drive the car and that would reset it
dash vents donot open all the way
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