1996 Pontiac Bonneville Questions

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tell me how to resolve crank sensor toast
popping through intake sounds like timing serpentine was sucked beneath harmonic balancer straightened tabs looks centered on sensor
i dont know if all the recall issues were fixed on the car or is it to late to get it checked on
Any suggestions would be appreciated.
After removing this bolts, how does the starter come out? there is a frame support which is welded on one side. it appears I have to remove automatic transmission cooling hoses in order to remove starter.
gauge comes down a little w/ key off. did check connections outside of tank
It's lit up inside the car constantly and blinks if I manually move switch up and down
all fuses seem good
When the engine first starts up the gauge reads over 40, it will drop slightly when you start to drive. When you have to stop at traffic light the gauge slowly drops toward red zone and pressure rises again when you accelerate.
started my vehicle and immediately after starting it stalled tried to start again and acts like its out of gas. the check gauges light comes on and when i have been low on fuel thats like the "low fuel" notification. need help
I have an oil bad oil leak that i thought was coming from the oil filter/pressure switch housing. i replaced gasket and switch, but still leaks very bad. I think that it is coming from above this. Can you help?????
hello, i want to buy a 1996 bonneville but the owner told me its leaks gas only when he pumps not when he drives, i was wondering what this can be and how much it may cost to have it fixed? thnk you!
where do you chech or add power steering fluid, it starting growling today and i cant find where to check or add.
The A/C unit makes a noise like a door closing and will not allow heat to flow thru vents. How can we get arround this or fix it. Terry in Mich.
Recently I rep[laced the O2 Sensor and Cam Sensor so that I could get the Check Engine Light on my car turned off. It was off for about 3 days and now it has come on once again. The vehicle seems to run fine for having over 220000 miles on it what elas could it be?
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