1995 Pontiac Bonneville Questions

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My car is hard to start sometimes and cranks right up other times. While I'm driving the car's rpms excell and I have to put the breaks on
The serpentine belt broke when I was driving down the road. I replaced it and now the car won't start. I do not have spark but I do have fuel
car wont start? would could be the problem? the lights come on but it wont turn over and dont make a sound
the air conditoner commpressor is making noise. I think it may be the air conditioner compressor clutch. How much should the repair cost.
I have 1995 pontiac bonnevile i change fuel sending unit and line but the car turns on and off
brake padel goes to the floor. brake oil leaking out
The step on to engage, step on to release style brake has been giving trouble lately. It works fine engaging but does not release without a struggle. Depressing the pedal ever and ever harder. Last night I just could not get it to release. The tow truck driver said he could see the emergency release tab but couldn't get it to let go. What can I do?
what would cause the transaxle to not engage? Does the entire transaxle need replaced?
the car is sluggish in changing gears and i was guessing this could be the problem since we changed out the fluid.
wher is the fuel filter located on the car
how do i get the boots off the tie rod if i dont have the right tool, if i can get it off buy cutting it off , can i use hose clamps to put the boots back on?
have recently bought a used 95 bonneville ssei with a 149,000 miles, car was running good after 3-4 months then the car started sputtering while driving and the speedometer started jumping as well as other gages as car was sputtering.Sometimes the car would fight its way through the sputtering and not shut off other times it would shut off while driving ill put it in neutral and then it would start up again.Sometimes it would shut off and not start back up for 10-15 mins. I changed the fuel filter,the control module,and the intake manifold gaskets.Check engine light comes on sporadically,also when the car is sputtering and the gages are going crazy the check engine light comes on as well as the volt check light. can u please let me know if you know what the problem is.
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