1995 Pontiac Bonneville Questions

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radiator is not leaking. not leaking when parked. there is some leakage signs beside motor on the belt side. does not get hot as long as I fill up every trip or two. Antifreeze is getting diluted and expensive. My assumption is a water pump? but what else could it be? I do not want to use stop leak.
i put another 38 engine in and now check engine light will not go out my heat will not even come on
check engine light will not go off and computer wont read
1995 Pontiac Bonneville?
It is like 3 mpg
i need to replace the key switch,because the key will not come out of the old one.
i need to remove the airbag and take the steering wheel off to replace the key switch
car will start when cold then stops. have replaced fuel pump
I need to know where the upper brackets go. I have replaced head gaskets and needing to put things back together. Thanks for your help
where is the anti theift moduel located?In my car it is not on the right passager side as the book indicated where else can it be? I need to replace it.
charging system reves up and down, lighst go up and down, car starts ok, changed the alternator, and battery, did not fix the problem. Battery indecator guage stays in the low area, goes about half way up then back down then back up then back down, What else can I try to fix this ???
This has been going on about 1 week. my motor gets hot very quick. the motor light came on. I have changed the spark plugs, wires and put 50/50 antifreeze in. But the light is still on, the motor still gets hot and the car stalls and skips while driving. The motor get very hot just going about 4 blocks. If i have changed all the basics, what could be the problem?
My air condition fan is not working, the wire to the fan does not have any power, how can I tell if it's the relay switch and which relay switch could it be?
I have replaced two batteries,and the starter.After replacing the starter the car can be jumped from the starer, but the car will not keep running,and will shut off.Could this be a problem with the ignition switch?
First subframe mounts on passenger side went bad now being told whole subframe needs replaced
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