1995 Pontiac Bonneville Questions

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Rear end rides low and scrapes over bumps and driveways. New shocks but airbags not filling up. The compressor works. Tried with 300 lbs in trunk still nothing adjusted level control sensor and still low. Now what? How do I test the sensor to see if it is good?
Does it idling driving slow in town on the freeway. Then occasionally when parking it tries to take off like I punched the gas. I've been told oxygen sensor does this sound right
After turning the ignition10 to 13 times the car will stay on and when im driving the car sometimes it will stall and when im driving it hesitates I had a diagnostic abd it says its the computer can u tell me if this would be the reason im having this problem how much is this computer n can I install it please let me know thank you
Takes time to start again. Replaced starter 3 weeks ago. Gas sta mechanic can't find anything wrong. Going to a dea
Car sat for 1 year charged battery drove approxirately 8 miles turned it off won't start now for more that 4 seconds then dies replaced spark plugs spark plug wires ignition module still same problem
Everything runs normal on my car but when the auto lights come on all the dash light radio and heater/a/c lights go off. All the dummy lights work but no illuminating lights. Anyone know what might cause this?
My abs light came on and before I got a chance to look in to it I noticed a puddle of brake fluid under where the master cylinder is. What may be the cause. Was it whatever the abs light was on or was the abs light on cause the master cylinder.I will repair it myself I'm just trying to get a grasp on the problem to try and pin point the original problem. Thanks for any and all advise. I've never changed the master cylinder so if there's anything that would make it easier let me know. Thank you
my voltmeter dives or stays in red, and engine hesitates or stalls.i have rplaced alternator and battery but problem got worse.
the city i live in does have bad roads, and i try to go around the potholes, some are hard to though. i just had mine done last summer, and now i hear them ride isnt as smoothe as it was wen i got them done last year.
I thouht it might not be getting a good
battery connection, rplaced the posiive post. stil dosnt start
car starts right up when its cold,but at high idle(3000rpm)until engine warms up,then might not start with warm engine.Replaced ignitor coils,throttle position sensor,mass air flow sensor,and air filter.
switched out starter,sonds like its siezed but its not
New fuel injuctors, pump and regulator, spark plugs and wires, ignition moduel and coils,
Fliud and filter changed and at level
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