1993 Pontiac Bonneville Questions

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Where do the wires for a 93 bonniville connect having a hard time finding this out..the old one didn't have wires.

Please help
Code 17 a. 18
I passed everything on my emissions but my NOx was real high
Happens after car is driven for a while. It restarts after it stalls and runs awhile until it happens again. When it occurs interior lights come on. It happens both when driving or sitting at light. Car needs to be driven for it to happen. When it stalls everything shuts down. meters act erratically , rpm's up and down, battery gauge drops, until complete stall when all shuts down.
Need to bypass security system
Car runs good then start to jerk and stall but not cut off
how do i find out if it came with radio controls on the column from the factory or not
My "93" bonneville heated up and wouldn't move-coolant hot & had trans. fluid in it. Trans. fluid level was low.
As soon as I turned on my heat, it worked, but then I heard several gun like shot sounds. After my car was parked for several days, I saw what seemed to be antifreeze leaking from my car. I put in water, but the coolant gage goes up rather quickly, then overheats with smoke.
The crank sensor got replaced the day I got the car since then the car died, and it had to be jumped over the next couple days. I put a new battery a new alternator and another crank sensor and it still won't start what do I need
Is there a way to fix the indicator lever without removing the steering wheel?
In the back outside there is rubber stripping that is coming off, what should I purchase to glue this back. It goes around the back, it's not the bumper or window or door, it's part of the decor, if you will. I appreciate any and all help. Thank you!
i have a 91 cad and a 93 bonneville manual that came straight from the factory that built them, in the index for the aldl for the cad it says section 6E3-9, there is no 6E3, FOR bonneville says 6E3-9 there is a 6E3 but it ends at 6E4, anybody know what the story is?
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