2005 Pontiac Aztek Questions

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it then fluctuates from 3500 to about 3900 rpm no codes are showing up
The climate control panel is dead (the knobs to turn on the fan and blower do not work, but the AC sensor light, rear defogger and rear hatch opener all work. The fuse that is listed in the book looks what else could it be. Radio works fine too.
if heat is off it doesnt smell or if i am driving with the heat on it doesnt smell only when i am idol.
The rearend has been making growling noise. Replaced the fluid. Now I am told tbe rearend " is shot". What exactly does this mean and what is done to repair it?
Have replaced belt and pullys and belt still came off driving down the road... What else could cause this problem?
Speedometer is not working properly. Sometimes it stays on 0 mph. Other times it shows an incorrect speed. Other times it works correctly. I'm thinking it is the vehicle speed sensor. Even if it's not, it only cost $15. Can anyone tell me where it is located?
ran out of fuel and now it turns over but will not start and ideas ?
strang that it just started today with no reason. How much does it cost to be fixed by a professional?
it only stalls when you quickly accelorate. not the fuel pump or mass air flow sensor
Do I have to replace the whole intrument panel, or cluster, and does it cost around 429.00 to fix?
I've been told that I need a "Rear Ride Height Sensor" that costs $260 plus 1/2 hour labor. Also, because this sensor is knocked off, I now also need new air shocks for $145 plus an hour of labor. Coes this sound legit? What is this sensor called so I can try to locate a used one.
I'm experiencing harsh / rough shifting usually at lower speeds. I'm also noticing a delay (not always) for the car to kick into gear from a stand still. The car only has about 68,000 miles.
when turning wheels toward right, either backing or going forward note grinding noise, vibrates. Best described feels like driving over a cattle guard.....mechanics have checked wheel barrings, brakes, rotors and state they can't find anything wrong......any suggestions?
This car will stall when braking from speeds of around 55 mph. It has done this for several months and each time restarts easily. Completely random. We replaced the battery and no change. Had fuel system cleaned no change. Other weird symptoms are that the window lock no longer works and a few of the back-lit items do not illuminate such as the shifter indicators. Finally would not start one morning, but boosted very quickly with minimal effort. Three different repair shops could not detect any drain on the battery. Got it back Friday, drove fine all weekend and now Monday it stalled again. Please help.
press on brake pedal, can feel vibration in the pedal and steeling wheel. replaced rotors, pads, calipers. rotated front wheel with drivers rear and the vibrations are still their but not as bad. Help please.
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