2002 Pontiac Aztek Questions

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Aztec won't start, no turn over and the Gage's won't work , help!
I pulled up to the gas station and shut my car off. When I was ready to go home my car wouldn't start. All the lights on the dashboard and head lights and taillights work. The lights aren't dim at all. What's wrong with my car?
From the time you start until you turn the vehicle off after driving it ticks. The more you accelerate the louder it gets.
I need a temp fix until I can get the money to fix
Ow an we thought may been thermostat too apartchanged it bygone in it opened up but not skew may been stickin .an he had battery unplugged all night we got all back together an now worse wouldn't hardly turn over making a rough lik not getting power somewhere as well Acted a if gonna. Die missing out then I shut off. waited. .an tried again an was worse but started right up an didn't hit gas anything just started an the rpms 2/3 grand an never not started an acted lik this also my oil engine low on an its full prob Senor or fuze but my electric fan has never kicked on either but last few weeks noticedhad water or some liquid all over both. Driver & passenger floor board doesn't seem lik aseal but not sure.. ??? Has 150k on motor any ideas??? Need fixed asap only vehicle an single parent know much bout Pontiacs.. any help on advice be greatly appreciated! Thanks
Antilock, service soon light, high beam sensor flashing, wipers randomly quit, drivers side wheel grinding, stereo static while charging phone, powersteering catches while driving, fluid levels good, high pitch electrical squeal while sitting idle at times? Someone suggested altinator.?
Car will run for a few days then stop, fuse was replaced and it happened again. Took it to a Buick Dealership and they couldn't help me neither could a non commercial mechanic. The dashboard gages also went out the first time fuse 42 was replaced.
We have replaced the thermostat a few weeks ago and it was running fine until 3 days ago.. Its losing coolant and i dont know where its going.. My car isnt over heating, but when i checked it today there was light white smoke coming from tge engie.. Help dont know what to do now..
All gauges go up and doesn't work.Windows go up and down a little at a time.
All the time.
Everything is working except the gages, could it be a fuse or connection.
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