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My son has rebuilt his engine and put in a new cpu and now his car won't start. All the lights come on but nothing else happens. There was a code that said something about a password. It thinks he is stealing the car
When I put my key into the ignition to turn it over it'll start for a second and sputter like there isn't any gas but there's a full tank... Then when I try to turn it over again it won't turn over at all but has power to lights and radio.... The gages don't register at all
At a red light for to long it turns off the air and radio stay on so yu think its still cranked up until you go to drive put it in park and recranck it and it turns right back on battery light does come on for a few min, what could be the issue?
Service vehicle soon and the high beam light starts flashing when you put it in gear
my server vehicle soon light comes on and high beams light flashes when in gear
looked at oil but its not that tried Lucas no slip ran fine for a while after but then just stop shifting. automatic tans has new battery do I need a new transmission or could it be something else?


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Service Vehichle Soon
I have a 2001 Pontiac Aztek. The
problem here is whenever the service
vehicle soon light comes on, the fans
turn on super fast and the temp
gauge drops to the C (cold). I
recently changed the thermostat and
the coolant thinking it was that. But it
didn't work. I heard the service
vehicle soon light is related to non
emission like headlights, tire
pressure, etc. I took it to a auto
repair shop cuz I heard ABS kicking
in when I try to turn a corner and
brake at the same time. When I turn
it makes a weird noise and when I
press the brake pedal it sort of
hesitates and makes a weird noise
but it still brakes. They told me the
only problem noticeable is my drums
are oversized, the front struts are
worn out and my battery is bad...
Could that be the cause for the
problems going on?
This doesn't happen when turning blinker on to go left.
This car was lying in a garage for over a year . I doubt that this gauge must not be working properly .
When I turn the car on i check the fluids check for leeks and everything is good but the noise didn't go alway so I thouth the pump was difected so I went change it and put another one in turn the car on and notice that the sound didn't went alway so I am confuse now I don't know what to check can any body help me on this
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