Q: po175 on 2001 Hyundai XG300

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I had a KN Airfilter installed in Dec10 after throttle body was cleaned & oil was changed. Got quick code due to a lose hose - then Feb11 - get po172 code. Getting GREAT gas mileage and no other noticable problems - can the KN filter contribute to this code? Recommendations?
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Yes, it can and most of the time it does.
The filter oil contaminate the hot film element in the MAF sensor and it works like an insulator, therefor the sensor won't be able to sense the air flow correctly.
I suggest to anyone not to use K&N filters on regular vehicles - especially on those that have MAF sensor. They are good for racing applications, but usually causing more trouble than its benefits.
Many manufacturer has TSBs out which advise you not to use oil film type air filters.

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