Q: Dogde stratus 2000 ES...engine cranks but it won't start..wat to do?? on 2000 Dodge Stratus

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I have a dodge stratus 2000 ES...everything was good but suddenly car doesn't odometer shows no bus ...I towed to dodge dealer and they gave me a report-(CRANK NO START, FOUND 20 AMP FUSE FOR PCM/ASD BLOWN.SHORT IN JUCTION BOX, PCM OR WIRING..,FOUND POWER DISTRIBUTION BLOCK FUSE#5 PCM POPS WHEN C2 CONNECTOR ATTACHED. ALSO FUSE 1 FOR ABS BLOWS. DEAD SHORT, POWER DISTRIBUTION CAN NOT REMOVE FOR INSPECTION. VEHICLE HAS A MAJOR ELECTRICAL SHORTAGE.) They told me it will cost around $1000 to fix it...but i can't afford for that much...what to do?? Is any way to get fixed in cheap??
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i had the same problem with my 00 stratus after steam cleaning my engine i had to replace my computer then i had the same problem as you i found a cut in wire fixed that now one of my injectors is not working but its not the injector it self anyway e-mail me and ill help i know how much of a problem this car can be
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