2000 Plymouth Voyager Questions

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Just replaced water pump and alternator. Oil light on but full of oil. Grey smoke from hood. Help! I spent $650 for fixing the above.
Was driving home when it acted like I ran out of gas but didn't limped it home at 10 miles per hour got home shut it off and restarted it and it had a loud wine noise coming from underneath now it will not go any where when it's put into drive or reverse but still makes noise only when you smash the gas pettel no matter what gear it's in
Or what the starter engages?
The back side of my van's wheel bearing needs a change and i would like some tuturoial
when operating my van with the air-con on it uses a lot of radiator fluid. when i turn off the air-con it runs fine. what is wrong?
When I operate my A/C my engine overheats and loose radiator fluid. When I turn off my A/C I don't loose fluid.
brake warning light on when making right turns. Weird huh.
When im cruising along at 55 or 60 there is a small jerking sensatoin sometimes It seems to be when the car is in overdrive and going uphill or downhill.the transmission seems strong and isnt slipping
and there isnt any ob2 codes Hard problem to answer but does anyone have any suggestions?
Cut the motor off and let it set for a bit, restart it and it might start shifting and be OK for a day or two. then sometimes it might take several times for it to work.
It starts but will not stay running unless given a lot of gas...thank you in advance for any help.
Brakes are wearing out in just a couple thousand miles,sometimes the brake pedal is low then you tap it with your foot and it comes back up.There is no abs light on ,how could i test the booster
Can a bad abs wheel sensor cause one wheel to brake harder than the other?I have changed the one caliper that the pads were wearing out faster on ,master cylinder,better quality pads, and I still am having the same problem.I am also leaking fluid somewhere,but i cant find it.I am wearing out pads in only 2000 miles. Iam becoming very frusrated and broke over this problem. new rotors also
Can you cause abs damage if you retract your calipers with out opening the bleeder?I did this on my voyager and it now wears out brake pads extremely fast,2000 miles,I have replaced one caliper that i thought was sticking,I also raisedn up each wheel and applied the brake and checked to see if the brakes released and they did.I have always changed pads without opening the bleeder screw and havent had a problem until nqw.Did i mess something up with the abs?
Sometimes, usualy on down hill braking the brake pedal will sink halfway to the floor and the left wheel will start smoking a lot for a minute or so and it will be hard to stop.There is a smell of burning brake fluid,but when i dissassembled the brake calipers i cant see any evidence of leaks although I do have to add fluid from time to time.Should i switch the calipers?I also switched brakes on another plymouth voyager and have the same problem ,Is there something about the brake system on this model. PLEASE HELP I LIVE ON A MOUNTAIN
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