1999 Plymouth Voyager Questions

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I just installed a used transmission. I put it in drive, and it seemed to work, but when it shifted out of first it was like it went into neutral. I shut it off, and tried again, same thing happened.
I have looked up and found that my van has a manufacturer problem with the instrument cluster circuit board ( cold solder joints ) This should have been found by the .. Quality control department and never placed into all of the vehicles that I have seen reporting the same problems that I am having . We should not now nor in the future have to pay for repairs . furthermore these problems are very dangerous and may become life threatening . Therefore I feel this item should be put on your recall list . I need mine replaced .. Thank you very much
Runs rough and takes awhile to warm up
This continues to be a problem. Is it an electrical issue? Possibly fuse or relay switch problem?
So far i replaced the bottom roller along with the top roller and still when i attempt to close the door, it hangs up in which forced the bottom roller system to pop out, Does anyone have any ideas on how i can correct this?.
The car stalled and the oil light went on, would not start after that.
my Voyager broke down and I got towed back to my house I was able to put it in reverse up the hill I replace the driver side CV joint but it's still not wanting to go into gear could it be the transmission or do I need to play it replace that other cv joint
I smack the gauges and they start working and then the van will start what could it be
before this all happen when u would slow down the oil light would come on what could this be plz help
I bought this 1999 plymouth van and i notice the middle is is not moving and its not properly install. I can easily move last seat but this middle one is giving me hard time. Any tricks or tips that can help me. I tried youtube but no luck. Also can't find manual
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