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engine cold start. tapping noise like like dry lifters lasts about a minute and goes away. also I stopped at light and the oil warning light came on but turns off when I accerated. Oil pan is full.
while driving and the gas light comes on and goes off
98 plymouth voyager expresso 3.3L 6 cyl
That coded was #6 spark plug mis fire fixed. Right away out of no where. Temp gauge shot to hot so pulledover to check water radiator wasnt hot stilll kept running while i added water cooled down temp gauge went back to normal then engine stalled. Still had full firing power but wouldnt turn over. What shoul i check all fuses look good how do i check fuel pump relay
trying to replace the rear cam plug. Do I need to remove the end cam cap to remove the plug? If so what is the torque spec on the end cam cap bolts?
Rear stays cold
I put the key in the ignition and , nothing, then i put the battery charger on for 1 minute, like i have a dead battery, and again i put the key in and it starts up like nothing was wrong in the first place, this is an intermitent issue, it works fine for about 3 days and then BAM nothing just like a dead battery or more like no battery at all, no lights, no nothing .....totally lost on where to look next
I pulled up to a stop sign and when I went to accelerate the van would not move. 1st 2nd nor reverse will work. There was no noise or bang or clang or anything that would tell me the transmission broke. And worst of all there is no error code!
I change the coil and still doing the same thing I don't know what's happening I need help thanks
I change the coil and sill doing the same problem please help mee
Where is it located on my 1998 plymouth voyager?
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