1994 Plymouth Voyager Questions

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if it is in the tank what besides drop the tank do i do? and can i get the wiring diagram for behind the dash
Light comes on after driving, pull into driveway coming to a stop. Light comes on then goes right off. It's happened last two times driving. This is new. Thank you for your help
94 plymouth voyager 3.0 died want start cranks over fine no power to coil or fuelpump
the van has all the lights and radio.There is an anti-theft device called stargard below and to the right of the sterring wheel.Is this device my problem for the van not starting?
Checked codes by key and flashing engine light. Codes 41 &47
Changed fuel pump / dist. cap
my engine also cuts out and quits when it has been driven for a while 5 miles or about the time it warms up
When makes turns and hard stop also having hard time shifting gear, and sometime skip gear when stalls and stay lock on that gear until you pull over to the side or park it and cut off the engine. Then start the car back up and take off the car seem to be running good until you turn or make stop. Can someone help me fix the problem thank a lot to who can help me fix my wife car.
Not getting gas to the fuel module. Will not start.
It also blows out white smoke
I'll be driving my van stop at stop sign, excelerate and van won't go over 40 mph. I'll turn engine off and the van runs fine. Why is this happening?
trans was not shifting wright untill i unhooked cruise control cable. will it hurt anything?
where is the horn relay located???we cant find it labeled anywhere
this is a plymouth voyager, 1994 with a 3.0 engine
have no spark it jest stop runing
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