1992 Plymouth Voyager Questions

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I have had a recent oil change all of my fluid levels are good. The light will not go off. How do I reset it?
about 2 weeks ago the van started making a winding noise for a second or so, then start. Sometimes it started right up. Now it wines up and don't start at all. I did check and the belts are not turning at all.
My locks where going crazy off & on. The one day my battery was dead in the morning, I jump it ,then my lights would not go off so now I unplug them & batery does die. But Ihave to plug them in if iI use it at nite.
reservoir with water. I think I have found where it is leaking. Still says it is running hot although it does not seem to be leaking anymore. Is it safe to drive until I can get it fixed.
Lost my keys-too expensive to get a locksmith
car needs wires plugs and new distributer it does not run correct wires are no good distributor is no good
When i turn the car on it wont go into reverse gear at first then it jumps into going into reverse.
Recently replaced radiator and motor fan beacause of car overheating, but fan want cut on automatically. Was told something needs to be done to a relay switch.
Yesterday I had my 1992 Plymouth Voyager 3.0 6 cylander parked and running with radio on, the radio went out I turned the car off tried turning it back on only got a clicking sound, then I tried again 2 hours later it started but wouldn't stay started, one hour after this it did the same thing then last night around 3 6 hours later in ran fine for 1 hour today its running fine what could the problem be?
Upon acceleration between 30-40 there's a distinct shimmy felt through the drivers seat. It goes away and is smooth after that. Have replaced rear tires and balanced. Still there. Is it possible that a broken engine mount could relay that vibration to the back? Maybe wheel bearings? Thanks
I cannot locate my mass air flow sensor????
air is hot no air is coming out of vents. blower is working.
I took my fuel pump off an replaced with a new one. how can i tell if it has the right pressure?
Yes im getting spark from my plugs.What else could it be?
I changed my sparkplug wires an distributor cap an ignition rotor,fuel pump.I checked m y fuel pump relay it seems to be working because i can hear my fuel pump cutting on an off.My question is what else could it be
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