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Feelss like it only running on four cly
My van will turn over as if it wants to start, I think the problem may be the fuel filter or fuel pump, what is your opinion? How do I access these on a 1991 Plymouth Voyager? Do I have to remove the fuel tank?
Van drove just fine this morning, tried to start it this evening and it will turn over like it is going to start but it doesn't. This is the first time this has happened. It has gas, so that is not the problem. Someone know what the problem may be?
I picked up a used one at the junkyard but I am curious about whether I can replace it myself. Thanks.
Starting off, the trans. hesitates a few seconds and then jumps into low gear...
Driving on the highway, it will suddenly jump into passing gear...
I think it's a switch somewhere malfunctioning, or something to do with the vacuum ???????
Has anyone experienced this before ???
PS. I can put the selector in "N" and allow the engine to slow {at 55-or 60 MPH } to 2200 rpm or there about and put it back in drive and it"s usually ok.......

it is making a howling sound runs great shifts fine checked wheelbearings their okey . maybe transmission?
do head gasket need to know how much torque to put on head
how much will it cost to replace a water pump
leak on fuel rail back side of engine line between the two sides
How many quarts of oil does the 6 cylinder hold?
I cannot get the headlight out to change it
I had been experiencing a vacuum lock in the gas tank after replacement of gas lines about 6 months ago. The car has been hard to start lately and then one day it started and just died as if someone "shut the gas off". Any help on where to start to figure the problem out and where to locate the fuel pump relay sensor would be greatly appreciated before I have to drop the gas tank.
Van always started first couple of cranks. After filling with fuel Tuesday 10-15 revolutions Then starts and runs fine.
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