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My 2000 plymouth Neon jerks while driving before the engine light comes on. Some times while standing at red light the car will stall.
the ac compressor only comes on when i push the brake
where is the body control module located on 2000 plymouth neon
The interior light and odometer light indicating the door is open stays on. i had to disconnect the battery to get them to shut off. then instesd of a light staying onthe radio stayed on. this is an intermittant problem that has been for three days.
I came home from work today. When I pulled into the the driveway I noticed smoke coming from under my hood and the smell of burned rubber. I left the car out of the garage and tried to start the car later and now it won't start. Any ideas
where could i go to fix this or could I fix this on my own
code p0743; Torque clutch soleniod circuit open or sort; car some times stalls when first start up & cold. Trans seems to be ok, shifts smooth, no slips.
I installed an after market radio in my 2000 Plymouth neon. It worked fine for one day. Then I put the dash kit on and when I hooked it back up there was no power to the radio. The dome light no longer works either. The odometer flashes "Fuse" and a ding sound emits when I first start the car. I have looked at all the fuses in the dash panel and under the hood and have not found any blown fuses. Anyone know what it could be?
My 2000 Plymouth Neon stopped responding tonight while I was driving down a hill. I Gave it gas, it bogged and the speedometer failed. The Tach that I had running off the coil pack failed as well. When I pushed in the clutch to stop the drive-line the car died instantly. It would come back on if I "bump" started it, but ultimately died when I stopped. There is no spark coming from the coil pack on any prong. All other electrical in the car works as far as i can tell, i do not have a power prod on hand. I could only think that the coil pack has gone out but if the coil pack has gone out why would the speedometer stop working? Also is possibility of the alternator going out, in which case wouldn't the car have drained the battery before dieing? Any suggestions?
I can have my panel on heat and it will randomly switch over to a/c and back. Now it is stuck on blowing cold, any suggestions
transmission how much to replace new orused
car sputters when accelerating but idles ok and runs ok once get up to speed
where is the cheapest repair shop to get two valves fixed from when my water pump and timing belt went out
I got a p1899 fault code during my smog test. The engine fault light is on but goes out when i fill the gas tank or apply any heavy load on the car or when the gas tank is almost empty. Any suggestions on how to fix the park/neutral switch
my car will start but shifter is loose and will not go into gear can move shifter forward and back thats all please help me. thank you!!
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