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Replaced original alternator with a new one because the battery stopped charging. I even installed an external voltage regulator, to bypass computer controlled regulator, and it still will not charge battery.
batter cherged checked fuses & starter relay tale lights flash ligt on stearing collom
2.4 swap motor out of 98 stratus got power at starter got ground got new starter in it acts like starter not messing right with fly wheel. had new starter tested it will turn over all day. put it in it wont turn over. push car down street pop clutch it runs like a champ.think maybe wrong fly wheel but dont know how to check that with shield in my way.very frustrated. worken on it for months now.any suggestions.
at first just the speddometer stopped now the whole dashboard does the same things. while driving fuel goes from empty to full and back and forth. speedometer goes crazy and it goes from cold to hot and when bells go ding it stops and goes back to cold. is this a wiring problem on the dash. had this to 3 mechanics and no one knows what to do.
2.0 liter SOHC, first generation vin designation 'C'.
After new valves, timing belt, (cylinder head removed). When initial attempt to start, engine cranked over - but no electrical on dash, traced that problem to the BODY not being grounded, could find no cables, straps, or wires that were disconected, so I fabricated a ground cable going from engine to cylinder head. Sha-Zam electrics now present. Attempted to start - no start - traced problem to having no spark at plugs, or coil.

Did 'flashing light' test at coil pack connection. Then replaced CPS (camshaft position sensor), then the CRPS (crankshaft position sensor) In that order.

Again this is ((AN ELECTRICAL PROBLEM)).

I am wondering if attempting to start for a time with the body not grounded could have damaged the PCM? (as it is bolted to the body) Remember the starter was working fine, even though nothing else electrical (lights, and dash indicators) would work) I really would not like to replace the PCM $$$$ if not the soulution.

All relays were switched around - NOT the problem - all fuses checked, one other thing, when we were cranking it over last week, I noticed some smoke coming from the rear of engine compartment - the exhaust side-.

Does the PCM have to be reset, every time I replace a component (CPS, CRPS)?? there are no trouble codes when testing with my OBD I, or II.

Please read this question carefully, before answering.

Any and all help would be greatly appreciated, as this is my daughters only car, and I am just trying to get it back on the road.

Thank You
Ken @ K.C. Engineering (Motorcycle tire, and service center)
San Francisco, Ca.
changed and air filter replaced but if the air cond is turned up more than very little the guage starts heading to hot and I have to turn the heat on and blower to releave the motor so it doesn't overheat. What else could cause this? Does my car have a thermostat? where is it if it does and how much does it usually run to replace. Thank you. Rainy
how long do tie rod ends take to do
Gauges go up and down, battery indicator light comes on, headlights lose some power (they don't shut off), they actually dim down and then after 10-20 minutes of driving everything works fine electrical wise but the battery indicator light does remain on. Is it the alternator? Or some faulty fuse? Could it be that there is corrosion on one of the battery lines?
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