1999 Plymouth Grand Voyager Questions

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oil light comes on after driveing a feww miles gos off stoped idleing whats up with
is there a separate relay for each signal? can the bulb sockets go bad?
Fans aren't working after running continuously running after turning off my ignition it is a/c ..............................
Part store says it shows they don't carry one
yes I just had a fire under the hood today the wire from the starter to the battery are burned it also toke out the computer as well I just left the house and about 5 miles from the house it caught fire would like to know why
Car now running low gear
I assume it must have some purpose. Appears to be weather stripping of some sort, but what does it protect? It's a foam tube-shaped "pool noodle"-type thing, like copper water pipe insulation.
No fire to coil
No fire out of coil
My van drives fine then out of no where check engine light and tranny won't shift stuck in a low gear. I pull over shut the engine of start it again an it drives fine for awhile what could this be a sensor? Or tranny?
stays on "Empty" Even when my gas tank is full. It also Keep making nose when I am driving the symbol of the gas light stays on. and it make a bell sounds Why. Is it the fuse blown? or ? Thanks. I had the Van since April of this year and it been doing this ever since.
track with it?
The hole is under passenger seat area.
dor panel info to repair
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