1998 Plymouth Grand Voyager Questions

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no air flow from rear overhead vents.
Other than at the switches or the motors.
The 1998 Plymouth Voyager is also loosing water and smoking close to the radiator.
Was driving in mountains, van cut out, restarted and cut out in 1/4 mile. Will not start again.
I had my radiator replaced the next morning transmission fluid had leak completely out.
I recently had my main computer die on me. I've recently installed a brand new Computer, brand new battery, and brand new alternator.

My battery light came on after pulling the old computer out, and I knew I needed a new battery. This also led to the discovery of a bad alternator.

Battery has a fresh full charge on it too, so as not to burn up the new alternator.

Why is my battery light still on?
theres 2 sizes which do i need
they say theres 2 sizea and i dont know how to tell what size mine are
A/C blowing hot air. needs expansion valve replaced.
Once ever two weeks didn't start twice in a row in rain
Changed the cam and cranking sensors. New coil pack. And nothings wrong with the timing chain . What else could it be. Everything else works
ok so water pump fell off van and three bolts broke off in the mount itself....mechanic is new I dont know him telling me he cant get the bolts out so thinks i may have to replace the whole thing which new is 500.00......any suggestions
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