1997 Plymouth Grand Voyager Questions

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if the van died while driving and has no spark would it be the crank sensor or the coil pack
problem happens daily with no engine codes showing
I took Van into shop after it stalled out . they could not get a code. what happens is it stalls going 20- 70 mph, i stop the van, turn it off, start it again and go, does not happen again for a while (days / weeks) . sometimes if i am going a high rate of speed, it will die then catch again and i'm back running. reciently the problem is getting worse, more often. i've noticed it's when the van has been running and warm. shop says it may be a speed sensor , but can't be sure unless it's happening when i bring it in to be coded.
my timing cover leaks does this means i have to replace the gasket and how much will it cost? my email is
no matter where the shifter is the trans isin drive.park is park and driveeverse is reverse and drive neutra, drive and both lows r drive
How do I remove the door panel to access the window regulator? I assume I need to R&R the regulator since the glass dropped, but I have not been able to remove the panel(s)
Can front and rear valves be accessed without removing coils?
Can guts of valves be removed to provide a better flush?
My van is a '97 grand voyager and has 185k miles on it. Back in Nov '08 I took it to the repair shop because it would not start. It sounded as if it the fuel line was clogged when trying to start. The repair shop said when they ran a diagnostic scan the only thing that showed up was that the cam shaft sensor needed replaced. After picking it up from the shop it continued to do the same so I took it back and they replaced the fuel pump and fuel filter which still did not fix the problem. They since have tried flashing the computer,changing the cam shaft sensor and repalced the fuel pump a second time which was to no avail.The van still stalls when coming to a stop and first thing in the am when starting to go to work. It will also try to cut out on me every once in a while as I'm driving on the highway at 50mph. You can feel the engine try to cut out and the tach and spedometer will drop down to 0 and then pop bqck up to normal speed. Any idea what is going on as this is very frustrating. My guy at the shop says that it something I probably will have to live with since they obviously cannot pinpoint the problem which I don't believe. I have spent roughly $800 to date for something that has not worked. Any suggestions?
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