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Hello My cars transmission had a crack and fluid leaked out and the clutches were bad. So I got a transmission from the wrecking yard, same year and everything. So I had this transmission new clutches rebuilt from a guy in his garage for a low price. so we installed the transmission and it takes a while to change gears, the car won't go over 50 mph up hill, but it does fine and goes well over 75 mph on a flat road. Did the guy who rebuilt the transmission not adjust something right or not put in something right? also its a FWD auto, is a P R N D 2 1 a 3 speed or 4 speed? My car has 107000 miles. My car has an automatic transmission.
the van will start but it acts like it's not getting fuel and then wont restart when it warms up
Smog shop won't smog car if they don't see light first before testing.I can code the car and check engine light is not burnt out.code 43
code for tcm comes up. And it starts working again when it dries out. Can i seal the connectors and where is it located?
Has a little over 151,000 miles on it. We've recently replaced the motor (gently used), O2 sensor (new), battery (from junkyard), alternator (junkyard), & radiator. "Fixed" the clogged catalytic converter by opening, stripping everything out, welding back together & on van. Also, my brother didn't tell me both sway bar links were broke & it hasn't had an air box since he's had it.

My problem started when my brother used the van to push a car out of mud while car was on a slight hill. Next day I drove it & it would stall/hesitate when going a certain speed. Then gradually became dying at stops, while slowly backing out & turning, & stalling/hesitating when hitting a bump (on freeway).

I was driving on the freeway which was fine. Stop & park (while started, about 10 minutes), then shut off van & going to leave the dashboard, headlights, & radio/click lights were all flashing. Wipers were going while off. Numbers where mileage is were going crazy. All gauge needles continusly went up & down. & a humming noise came from where the alternator is. After driving about 5 minutes, it died at an intersection. Replaced the alternator with one from the junkyard (tested positive 3 times during test). Next day, replaced battery with a used one. Jumped & left on for about 10-15 minutes. Drove down the street, fine. Got onto freeway & if stalled when I hit a bump, died when I turned, & continued to stall occasionally on freeway.

Please help!!
Diagnostic : Turbine code.
Just changed TCM and now codes show shift selonoid defective.
turn ignition, no clicks, nothing at all. replaced battery and cables. still nothing. lights and interior and dash lights come on, fully charged battery. Just happened suddenly, drove and started fine day before, in morning nothing. Dont know where to go from here, any help is appreciated.

thanks tom
R could it be crankshaft sensor r something else I'm stumped i was driving my kids to school and it was running fine then it just cut off on me so I'm totally lost on what it could be so plz help me
the air conditioner, defrost and other indicators do nothing when engaged
The wiper arms do not always swing, sometimes they stop in the middle of the windshield.
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