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I have a very strange problem with my 1995 Grand Voyager. It will buck and rpm’s surge from 2 to 3 ½ after driving for about 10 minutes at 60 to 70 mph. It will continue to buck much worse as I continue to drive. The strange part of all this is as I’m driving I’ll put the car in neutral and rev the engine until the rpm’s hit 4 and then wait for it come down to 2 and then put the car back in drive. The problem miraculously disappears until my next trip the next day. What can this be? If it were the tranny, I would think by revving the engine in neutral wouldn’t fix it. I’m puzzled!
The van will go into Park, Reverse, 1st Gear and 2nd Gear, But wont go into any other gears. I would like to know why that is?
While driving my vehicle last summer, I would have the A/C on. During these times extremely cold liquid would come pouring down over my feet (often in sandals - LOL) when making a turn. It happens numerous times on the drivers side and once or twice on the passenger side.

Now, my A/C only blows hot air. How can I find out and repair this problem without a major expense (limited income)? Is this easy to replace?
self do you have any diagram on this job.halfrite Thank You
my wipers stop working on me and it turns out to be the bushings have worn and the linkage came loose ive looked everywhere for help or a diagram nothing so how do i change the bushings and make sure the linkage is in correctly?
replace sway bar end links
when it gets warm
I have a 1995 plymouth grand voyager, 3.3 liter, V6, automatic transmission. THe van will shift from first to second gear with no problem taking off. When it tries to shift from second to third it seems to go into neutral, the rpms will jump real high and then stay in second gear until i stop and turn the key off. i have replaced all the parts that the check engine light had said to replace, changed the trans fluid with the correct fluid (ATF+4) and i have also changed the input and output sensors on the transmission.
she started fine all day then went to go last trip home wont start. Doesnt sound like starter its turning over battery new sounds like not firing. Can you offer suggestions to check? Will check fuses.
Help! I recently replaced my vehicle's battery and drove a 7o mile round trip. On the last leg of the trip I noticed the light on which said "CHECK GAUGES". My battery voltage was pegged on lowest setting. Assuming that it was the alternator, I stopped and picked one up. When I arrived home, I hooked up the battery charger and it showed "fault". However it did continue to charge and held a full charge. After new alternator installed vehicle starts then dies within 1-2 seconds???
will the regulator in the computer set a trouble code if it goes out? and is the regulator in the computer?
how many psi is the fuel pump supposed to deliver?
Hi, all. My beloved Grand Voyager (in excellent shape otherwise) has a broken AC problem. Last summer the dash button that turns in on and off seemed to work sporadically, pushing it in sometimes turned on the AC, sometimes not. At some point when the AC came on I left the button on throughout the summer. During the winter I needed heat so of course turned it off. This year my AC is not coming on no matter how I push/jiggle the button. Is this indicative of how a compressor would wear out or is it the on/off button itself? Is there some way to bypass the on/off button to see if the compressor will kick in and give me AC?

I'd hate for someone to replace the compressor if all it needs is the dash on/off switch.

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